MuleSoft: AnyPoint Exchange Generated Connector

What is AnyPoint Exchange Generated Connector:

AnyPoint Exchange has many custom connectors that are professionally developed. However, for any API specifications (RAML or OpenAPI) that you publish to AnyPoint Exchange, it generates a Mule( 4 or 4) connector.

You can download the connector from AnyPoint Exchange or directly form AnyPoint Studio. The connector simplifies many aspects of development

  1. It imports all the metadata for the various operations of the API
  2. This means that any dataweave/ Transform would have the proper schema.
  3. The API endpoints configurations are simplified.

These while do not seem much doe simplify the development and help developer concentrate on the actual code they are developing. In big projects with 10-20 developer and hundreds of integrations this can mean months of savings and $$$$$ in savings. You do not need to develop a connector in Java SDK or XML SDK to get all this functionality.


There are few daw backs that come with the autogenerated connector. The Connector uses HTTP Request to make the actual calls. However the configuration for the HTTP is missing many features that you can find if you used the HTTP Basic Connector. For example it is missing

  • Recovery settings
  • TLS configuration

You can still use the connector if you do not need these HTTP Basic Connector advanced features.


If the advanced features are important to you as it was for a client of mine. Then it is easy to fix these the auto generated connector. The auto generated connector is built with Mule SDK. Ask you have to do is edit the jar file look for the connector name.xml file and you will find the HTTP Connector settings there. You can add custom properties to make it more customizable. Do not forget to change the version of the connector in the jar pom file inside the metadata folder.

This hack saved my client hundreds of hours in development time, and helped in guaranteeing high quality integration applications.

Hope this helps you on your projects. if you need any help send me information about the issue you are facing.

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