Sharing my thoughts on App & Solution building on Azure, AWS, MuleSoft, and Salesforce.


  • JWS- Generation in Postman

    I was developing APIs that are secured with JWS of the payload. To test these APIs behind the MuleSoft/CloudHub API Manager JWS Policy (a custom policy I create, I will write another blog about it.) I needed to generate the JWS signature sent to the API policy in PostMan. The steps are very simple Store…

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  • Serverless AWS REST API Design Options

    Serverless AWS REST API Design Options

    Designing and implementing an API in AWS Serverless Application model you use: AWS API Gateway for routing, validation =, and authorization of the API Calls to the AWS Lambda implementation AWS Cognito for authentication, basically implementing OAuth 2.0 client grant flow Parameter Store and AWS KMS to store configurations and connection strings in a secure…

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  • MuleSoft:  AnyPoint Exchange Generated Connector

    MuleSoft: AnyPoint Exchange Generated Connector

    What is AnyPoint Exchange Generated Connector: AnyPoint Exchange has many custom connectors that are professionally developed. However, for any API specifications (RAML or OpenAPI) that you publish to AnyPoint Exchange, it generates a Mule( 4 or 4) connector. You can download the connector from AnyPoint Exchange or directly form AnyPoint Studio. The connector simplifies many…

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  • MuleSoft: Centralized Configuration

    In any Mulesoft Application there are connection strings, urls, and other configurable parameters that needs to be stored in safe and secure manner and managed. These configurations also change per environment from dev, qa, cat to prod. The default approach that most MuleSoft developers use is the properties/configuration file and an environments properties variable to…

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  • API Delivery Technology Capabilities

    I have been working with an organization to expose its services and capabilities as a set of APIs on AWS Cloud. To be able to do so, I believe an organization got to have a minimum set of API Technology Delivery capabilities. I will provide a brief description of the capabilities that I helped develop:…

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  • Salesforce: Integration Patterns Simplified

    Salesforce: Integration Patterns Simplified

    In todays connected systems no application is an island. When implementing a CRM system like Salesforce, it will need to exchange data with other systems in the organization like ERP, People Systems etc. These other systems can be in the cloud and/or on-premises. As Salesforce is SaaS, and is cloud based, most of the integrations…

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