Sharing my thoughts on App & Solution building on Azure, AWS, MuleSoft, and Salesforce.


  • MuleSoft, Copying Logs

    Anypoint platform control plane allows you to access the logs for cloud hub and on-premises deployments. However depending on the organization subscription for on-premises deployments the logs might not be available. I had a client who had such a subscription. While the admin had access to the VM, the Mule support team did not have…

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  • GraphQL API with Node.js Sample

    GraphQL API with Node.js Sample

    Introduction In this sample, I am exploring building an API with Node.js and GraphQL. For a long time, I have been building APIs in SOAP and REST usually with either in code like C#/ASP.Net, Java/ Spring or ESB platforms like BizTalk and MuleSoft (AnyPoint Platform). Node.js has been gaining a lot of popularity with many…

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  • MuleSoft: Creating Salesforce Objects in Sequence

    MuleSoft: Creating Salesforce Objects in Sequence

    When creating a parent child objects in Salesforce, while using Bulk API, after posting the parent objects for “Upsert” operation, the call for creating the child objects must wait till the Parent Objects Job has finished. Unfortunately, Salesforce does not provide any way to control the sequence of bulk jobs execution

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  • Azure Integration: 1 – Azure Logic Apps an Introduction

    Logic Apps are part of Azure Integration collection. Azure integration is a collection of various Azure tools and frameworks that addresses all integration needs for an Enterprise. Logic Apps are used for core workflow processing. Service bus is Microsoft’s cloud-based queuing mechanism. It provides a durable queuing infrastructure that is highly scalable. Event grid is…

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  • MuleSoft: Coding Standards

    MuleSoft: Coding Standards

    Establishing coding standards is essential for successful implementation of a program. The smooth functioning of software programs is vital for the success of most organizations. Coding standards are a series of procedure for a specific programming language that determines the programming style, procedures, methods, for various aspects of the program written in that language. A…

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  • MuleSoft: Designing Integration Applications Wisdom

    In this blog I will go through best practices for design integration applications. Wisdom that I have garnered through projects, MuleSoft recommendations, reviews of MuleSoft project and discussions with MuleSoft specialists. General Connector retry/Until successful/retry APIs should be present for all connections / connectors. This is an obvious one networks, and the internet have occasional…

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